Sunday, November 10, 2019

Cougar Time - Better Sex With Young Men

Cougar women compete for younger guys

Older men date much younger women all the time. And when they do they are called a stud. Then why is it that when older women date young men they are cougars that 'prey' on these young guys? Many younger men enjoy pictures of cougars and want to hook-up with an older women. With online dating giving younger guys an outlet to find older women in their area. These cougar women, many old enough to be a younger guys mom or even his granny have these younger men drooling for an older woman.

Cougars are cunning older women willing to perform sex acts that younger women won't do. 

Younger women are having a much harder time wining in this older women versus younger woman competition mainly because these cougars are aggressive, sex oriented women eager to have sex on the first date.

Cougars are sly, cunning and eager older women willing to perform sex acts that younger women won't do. Younger guys are flocking to cougar dating sites by the thousands looking at cougar pictures hoping to hookup with an older woman.

Dating is about chemistry. If it's there, no matter the age, go for it. Some people make a point that "there's no lasting relationship that's going to happen and lead to marriage."

One cougar in her early sixties said that she is dating a nineteen year old guy

These cougars have experience and know how to please a man. They also know how to manipulate and use these young guys like boy toys. One cougar in her early sixties said that she is dating a nineteen year old guy. When I
snap my fingers he comes running like a little lap dog -  He will do anything to get some - And I mean anything!

In my opinion, not all relationships should lead to marriages. Statistically, 60% of marriages will end in divorce anyway; therefore, marriage should not be a criteria to measure a relationship success.

The reality here is that young men like to date and have sexual relations with 'cougar women' and the younger women resent that fact that a woman their mom's age has become real competition in the dating game.

I joined a cougar dating site and now I have a young stud in my bed

My co-workers started calling me cougar when they found out my husband is 12 years younger then me and that I stole him from his wife. So what, my friends and female co-workers are jealous that I have a young stud in my bed and get more sex then they do. I love the cougar lifestyle . . .

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Cougars Have Younger Men Falling at Their feet

 These cougars are on the prowl and are looking for no-strings dating

Cougar is a slang term that refers to a woman who seeks sexual relations with considerably younger men.

ABC News states that these women pursue sexual relations with people more than eight years younger than they are, while The New York Times states that the women are over the age of 40 and aggressively pursue sexual relations with younger men.

The cougar concept has been used in television shows, advertising and film. The 2007 film Cougar Club was dedicated to the subject, and in spring 2009 TV Land aired a reality show called The Cougar. The 2009 sitcom Cougar Town originally explored the difficulty and stigma of many so-called "cougars". In The Graduate (1967) a middle-aged married mother pursues a much younger man.

 On the soap opera Days of Our Lives, character Eve Donovan is a cougar, repeatedly sleeping with the much younger JJ Deveraux.  Read more about the term Cougar as it applies to women - HERE

So If you love cougar women or you are a Cougar , don't waste another night alone, join one of the largest Cougar dating sites and meet a sexy cougar in your area.

Search pictures of cougars and enjoy the cougar lifestyle with sexy older  women who love to date younger men. These cougars are very good looking and really into having young guys around them

With literally thousands of cougar women joining cougar dating sites every day, it's easy to meet a cougar  in your area, maybe even on your block.

Joining the cougar club is one of the best ways to meet sexy cougar women.  These cougars are on the prowl and are looking for no-strings dating, Find a hot cougar in your neighborhood today!

Looking for cougar women?

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Cougars  Have Younger Men Falling at Their feet

Older women are tired of the double standard men have set. Cougars are on the prowl and ready for action. Listen to what some cougar women have said:

I'm a 42 years old women , okay I'm a cougar with a great body and young men tell me that I'm very attractive. I am very sexually active and prefer to date young guys who know how to do it and have the stamina to last. My husband left me for a young women and for a whole year I didn't date. But now as a divorced cougar woman I find myself in need of sex, not a lasting relationship. I mean if someone can along that was Mr. perfect - maybe . . 

Looking for cougar women?

Sexy cougars with  saggy tits and wrinkles and lots of experience are eager for sex  - Click Here

Young men literally flock to me and now it is me who takes then to bed, uses them and says thank you very much but I'm looking for a no strings relationship. I am  loving the cougar lifestyle.

I figure since younger men are so attracted to me and treat me like a goddess I would actually date 15 years younger. I feel young men love good conversation, sex, and appreciate older women.  Sorry but younger women play too many games and are undecided. Some younger guys at the age 25 know what they want and are ready to settle. That's why younger men want to meet a cougar because they know that cougars are not into head games.

So I guess I'm a Cougar because I do prey on young guys to taking them to bed and keeping score as to how many successful conquests I have. Yes I am loving the cougar life. Younger guys are dying to me a cougar like me. I am tall, with big tits and long legs and even though my tits are saggy and I have lots of  wrinkled skin, I can have almost any young guy I want.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cougar women want sex and lots of it

Cougar Women have increased sexual appetites

A woman 40 years of age or older who exclusively pursues very young men is known as a Cougar. Most cougars are interested in sex not a relationship and get off knowing the fact that they are physically appealing to men who are almost young enough to be their sons. Cougar dating sites are on the rise. Many younger guys want to meet a cougar because most cougar women put out on the first date.

The term 'cougar' comes from the big-game predatory cat of the same name, the cougar connection also may allude to the wearing of animal print clothing by older and more sexually aggressive women who are to be considered at the peak of their sexuality.

Cougars will perform sex acts that younger women won't do

Cougar women have increased sexual appetites which makes 'cougars' compatible sexual partners for younger, more sex crazed men. Social research suggests that older, more sexually experienced women are less conservative bed-fellows who are willing to perform sexual acts that their younger counterparts won't do. Psychological research suggests that as women age, they tend to become more assertive, and this assertiveness translates into the capacity to fulfill a young man's sexual dreams .

Finally, cougars are more financially established than younger women, and this translates into greater equality with younger men, who are often building careers and portfolios. Essentially, it means that she can find empowerment buying her own dinner.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

The cougar lifestyle - Younger men, sex and more sex

Aggressive older women looking for sex with young guys

Cougar Town is about  an older woman confidentially and honestly discussing aging, dating and life. it's about Cougar" women on the prowl for young men, using young men and aggressive  looking to score. Younger guys looking to meet a cougar for wild sex and over 50 women enjoying the cougar lifestyle.

A "cougar," for those who have been hibernating, is a middle-aged woman either prowling for or finding herself involved with a measurably younger man, in this case played by Courtney Cox. She is a recently divorced single mother over 40 finds herself facing the harsh realities of dating and aging in the current youth- and beauty-obsessed culture. Having spent her 20's tackling the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood, she faces her 40's with a journey of self-discovery, amid friends, family and an ex-husband who all have advice to offer.